• How do I get out of future family holidays without being on the "bad child" list?
  • We're all encouraged to be authentic, right? What if I'm an authentic bitch or asshole?
  • How does one "harvest" leather smell?
  • What smell do you really like but would be embarrassed to be caught smelling/sniffing?
  • I'm a soon to be uncle; what should I get for my first niece, nephew?
  • When the life expectancy was 30ish, were high school sophomores having mid life crises?
  • What is the song "Pulling Mussels from the Shell" by Squeeze actually about?
  • When do I know he's the one?
  • Would it be good for me to stay in business school?
  • How soon do I wait to do butt stuff?
  • Are we living in a multi-universe?
  • If eyes are the window to the soul, where is the back door?
  • Grapes or bananas?
  • Would sex be as enjoyable if it weren't for Catholicism?
  • How many licks does it take to get to the center of the universe a woman?
  • Does NASA do things the right way?
  • Did you ever have feelings for your babysitter and if so, did you ever make a move?