Conversations at OZ

Wednesday February 8th from 6-10pm will be the second annual Conversations at Oz, a benefit for Oz Arts Nashville

Basically, Oz throws a giant dinner party, and each of the 28 tables is hosted by various interesting and "vibrant" Nashville characters, who then select a topic to discuss over the meal.  Think Congresswomen, Police Precinct Commanders, Channel 4 Anchorwomen... and Ivy & Josh Elrod.  We have selected the topic of Vision, and its relationship to a Daily Practice. 

We are flattered and thrilled to be involved.   Oz's programming was enormously exciting and reassuring for me-- Ivy-- when I made the leap from the downtown NYC performance world to Nashville to open Wilder.  Catching  Taylor Mac's utterly Herculean genius, Alex Lockwood's dazzling interactive installation "Shake" and New Dialect's purity of movement made it clear that I needn't live in NYC to still have access to the most provocative and scintillating work being made today, in my beloved hybrid worlds of theater, art & concert dance.

See the full Conversations at Oz lineup and their dinner topics here.  And join our table!  Eating and talking are two of our greatest talents.