"POM POMS as an idea developed really slowly. It started as a small series about interesting people waiting in line to go to shows. But I realized that people-watching was so interesting inside of a show, that I had to document it. So I took pictures at 64 shows at 20 different venues to document the life of the scene." - Marcus from an interview with Unruly Factions.
Over the course of 8 months Marcus Maddox, a Nashville photographer, quietly attended shows, took pictures, and ended up with a 140 page book chronicling Nashville's current music scene.  Only Maddox has flipped the camera, and features the crowd at these shows rather than the performers themselves.  Beautifully designed by Jordan Short, Pom Poms reveals that the magic sometimes happens off stage.
Join us on September 16, 6-9pm at Wilder in Germantown where we will be exhibiting a show of prints from the book.  Books and limited edition prints will be available for purchase.  For a meta moment, the party will come off the walls and into Wilder.