Photo by Meghan McNeer
Mickey Ashmore left Istanbul and a finance position with Microsoft to manifest and refine his modern rendition of what we identify as something reminiscent of Aladdin slippers-- but cooler. He called them Sabahs, an original design based on a traditional Turkish shoemaking method. Collaborating with a family of craftsman from the southeast corner of Turkey, Mickey began to sell Sabahs from his apartment in Manhattan.  He first joined us at Wilder in 2015 for an amazing long weekend replete with Turkish music and baklava... this party will strive to eclipse the fun of last time... we're gonna rise to the challenge.
 Thursday 9.14 Sabah Opening Party @ Wilder Etudes 6-9pm
     DJ Russ Pollard // Signature Sabah Palomas // Diplomatica Rum //
dancing and drinks and SABAHS!
*Sabahs will be available for purchase in person:
 Friday 9.15 @ Wilder Etudes 11-5p
 Saturday 9.16 @ Wilder Germantown 11-6p
 Sunday 9.17 @ Wilder Germantown 12-5p
We love the company Mickey has built as it is centered around personal connection-- both with his awesome shoes and the makers he collaborates with, and with every wearer he meets at these events.  His latest collaboration was with Wilder artist Brit Kleinmen of Avo-- where Brit has hand painted her brilliant geometric patterning, typically seen on her gorgeous floor coverings and leather wall tiles-- now available to wear on your feet!