Josh first fell for Sabahs last year (electric blue), and we are so psyched to host Nashville's first Sabah Party! Beyond the objectively cool kicks, another piece of the Sabah company is about bringing people together in the form of these parties, and we at Wilder can certainly get down with that vibe.

In a wild twist of fate, Josh has recently re-connected with Mehmet Arslan, now owner of beloved Turkish restaurant Istanbul on Nolensville. 21 years ago the two were rolling baklava together at the Pocket Station in the Cool Springs Mall.  Now both business owners and still lovers of baklava, Arslan will be providing the dessert for our Sabah event, and his brother Huseiyn will be doing a set of live Turkish music.  Come for the tunes, shoes or just have a drink and check in with us about your Halloween looks.

On Saturday we are thrilled to offer fresh juices from our wonderful new Germantown neighbors Juice Bar!

And to add to the Turkish delights, The Frist Museum has graciously offered free tickets to their gorgeous new show "Ink, Silk and Gold: Islamic Art from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston."  Ivy can personally attest to the profundity of this collection, and we love how all these pieces are gelling for this fun two-day event.