As fashion-oriented individuals and business owners, we couldn't be more thrilled about the launch and development of the Nashville Fashion Alliance in 2015.  We are proud members and advocates of this groundbreaking non-profit, and encourage our readers, friends and customers to consider joining as well.  There are numerous levels of membership-- starting with the student level at a mere $25-- and the benefits and membership guidelines are outlined here.  The primary tenets of the NFA are as follows:


We have more power when we speak and act as an industry, versus individual companies, as we advocate for resource development. Our advocacy efforts will be focused on projects and initiatives that benefit our fashion brands, as well as the robust group of individuals and companies that support our fashion industry. 


Our vision is to not only nurture this eco-system for members of our fashion industry who call Nashville home, but to also make our area more attractive to other fashion companies who are considering new business locations. Our goal is to create jobs and measurable economic impact while ensuring the continued growth of the industry in our area. 


We believe we can create and maintain certain resources more efficiently and effectively as a collective industry than individual companies can on their own. A great example is our partnership with Catholic Charities of Tennessee that has created the Sewing Training Academy to train underserved populations to fill the gap of a badly needed skilled workforce. 


We will provide opportunities for training and development of sophisticated business skills, access to qualified mentors, and assistance with business management issues to assist our fashion industry in building the knowledge base necessary to survive and thrive in our region.


If you are a professional member of the fashion community, membership is a no-brainer; but also as a supporter and consumer of fashion, please consider joining the cause-- both for the possibilities for Nashville industry, but also in support of ethical fashion practices worldwide.