Wilder is a design shop located in Nashville, TN.  Our first location opened its doors in November 2014, in the historical Germantown neighborhood.  Our second concept location, Wilder Etudes, launched in May 2017 in Nashville's Edgehill Village on Music Row. 

Both spaces feature a constantly rotating edit showcasing the world's leading and emerging contemporary designers-- in categories ranging from furniture & lighting to fragrance & apparel.  We celebrate modern design in all its articulations, and are frequently conspiring with new collaborators on exclusive products, innovative popups and some really fun parties.

Ivy & Josh have relocated to Nashville from NYC to open Wilder, where they both resided for the prior two decades.  Their backgrounds are in dance, film, theater and art.  They were once A Rockette and A Blue Man. They are most lit up by shaping space and creating dynamic environments.


WILDER • 1212 4th Avenue North • Nashville, TN • 37208 • 615.679.0008 •

       • Monday through Saturday 11am - 6pm • Sunday 12pm - 5pm •


WILDER ETUDES • 1200 Villa Place #301 • Nashville, TN • 37212 • 615.457.2529 •         

       • Tuesday through Saturday 11am - 5pm • Sunday 12pm - 5pm • Closed Monday •


MEET OUR TEAM!  They inspire us daily.  And be sure to check out our SERVICES page as well.

Title: Mr. Manager
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Strengths: Curating various vibes and aesthetics

Wildest Collab: Ellsworth Kelly 
Job Title:  Pictures In Motion
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Strengths: Charismatic, Organized, Usually Not More Than 4 Minutes Late, Driven
Wildest Collab: Mark Gonzales & Mark Oblow
Title: Lady Leader
Hometown: Born in Lincoln, MA.
But let's be real-- NYC at heart.
I'm pretty committed to being my weirdest, truest self.

Wildest Collab: You, me, now.
Title: J
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Strengths: The ability to recognize my limitations, particularly when creating; Knowing what areas I am dominant in and using those as my foundation on which to create. 

Wildest Collab: 2012 between me and probably like 7 or 8 others and this photographer Austin Young. I was walking down the street one day in Silverlake and this dude walking his tiny little chihuaha stopped me and asked me if I wanted to model for this shoot he was doing...  When I got there the next day there were like naked dudes hanging from ribbons and swinging around and others that were dressed in drag, I realized I am a weirdo too, and totally into this kind of stuff, people being totally free and having fun. So I spent the day in drag and getting my make up done... it was super rad.


Title: DJ Aesthetician
Hometown: Nashville
Strengths: What's the strength where you always choose the most expensive thing?  I have that.

Wildest Collab:
Hotel Wilder
Title: Multifaceted Disciplinary
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Strengths: My initial judgment, although quick, is rarely inaccurate.

Wildest Collab: Chuck Negron gave me life advice with coffee everyday for 4 weeks.
Title: Style at Large
Hometown: Kingston Springs, TN
Strengths: Wearing Clothing
Wildest Collab: Me and Josh Elrod make a movie. My dream...
Title: The Lensman
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Strengths: My left eye, my right hand, and my abdominals.
Wildest Collab: GRAY x David Hockney